Renata Cemetery

The following is a transcription of the Renata Cemetery located in Renata, British Columbia, Canada.

Renata, 1965

Historical Background

The community of Renata was established in the 1880's as an ideal location for fruit growing. It was located on a creek delta made of rich soil and was sheltered from the winds by the surrounding mountains.

Renata Cemetery Grave Markers

It was originally settled by French-Canadians who built a log hotel at the site. Later Mennonites from Saskatchewan and Manitoba settled in the area. The community worked together for packing, selling and shipping the fruit it produced.

When the Arrow Lake Reservoir was developed the community of Renata was a victim of this progress and the houses and buildings were burnt in preparation.


The cemetery at Renata suffered the fate of many other cemeteries in the Arrow Lakes; it was submerged when the level of the lakes was increased due to the dam. A plaque was erected in the Robson Cemetery commemorating the interments. It reads:

This plaque commemorates the community of Renata and its 58 former residents who now lie beneath the water of the Arrow Reservoir.

It is believed there is another plaque near the Renata Cemetery site listing the names of those buried here.

(Image - The Renata Cemetery after it was cleared and cemented.)

Renata Cemetery, Cleared and Cemented


The interments for the Renata Cemetery can be viewed as a pdf file here » interments.pdf

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