Pattulo Private Cemetery

The following is a transcription of the Pattulo Private Cemetery located in Oyama, British Columbia, Canada.


  • Latitude: 50o 06' 09.34" N.
  • Longitude: 119o 37' 37.67" W.
Pattulo-Hebbert Cemetery, distance view

Historical Background

The Pattulo Private Cemetery is officially named with the Business Practices & Consumer Protection Authority in British Columbia. The site contains two graves, one of which is Dorothy Pattulo and the other of William Hebbert.

The present day cemetery in Oyama was established in the 1940’s; the two burials at this spot occuring in 1939 and 1940. It is unknown whether these two individuals were buried at this spot in an attempt to start a cemetery at this location or for some other reason.

Pattulo-Hebbert Cemetery, close-up view

William Bourdillon Hebbert was born in India on January 7, 1885, the son of Henry Leith Hebbert. At age 14, William went to sea joining the merchants ships going from England, around the Horn and up to New Zealand. William later joined the Reserves eventually becoming an officer in the Royal Navy. During WWI, William served on the H.M.S. Ajax as a Lieutenant-Commander. After the war, William served in the British Naval Intelligence in Constantinople. When William moved to Canada, his sister asked him to look up an old friend of hers named Jessie Palmer. The couple were married on February 6, 1922 in Lavington, BC. He died from carcinoma of the throat on April 23, 1939 at the age of 54.

Phyllis Doreen Pattulo was the daughter of Gordon and Dorthy Pattulo. She was born in Vernon on January 31, 1929 and passed away at the age of 10 on January 8, 1940. Her cause of death is listed as Lymphatic Leukemia.


The two graves are approximately 200 metres apart with the Pattulo grave north of the Hebbert grave.

Driving Directions

This cemetery is located on private property and permission of the owner (Tom Conti) is needed before entering.

The interments for the Pattulo Private Cemetery can be viewed as a pdf file here » interments.pdf

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Last updated September 2011