Blind Bay Cemetery

The following is a transcription of the Blind Bay Cemetery located in Blind Bay, British Columbia, Canada.


  • Latitude: 50o 53' 15.37" N.
  • Longitude: 119o 24' 02.54" W.
Entrance to Blind Bay Cemetery

Historical Background

Blind Bay is named because of the angle at which the bay joins Shuswap Lake. It is easy to travel down Shuswap Lake without noticing the bay at all, as it is almost concealed from sight.

Inside, Eagle Bay Cemetery

The Blind Bay Cemetery appears to have been used as a burial site since the 1920's as the oldest grave marker in the cemetery dates back to 1924. The cemetery is currently the responsibility of the Diocese of Kootenay, Anglican Church of Canada (St. Mary's Anglican Church in Sorrento.

There are a number of pioneer families of Blind Bay buried here including Lindsay, Barnard, Prebble, Dunne and Dobson.


The cemetery is wire fenced around its perimeter, however in some places the fence has been damaged and is falling down. The property is maintained to some extent however the vegetation in the cemetery is primarily made up of grasses and undergrowth rather then lawn.

A sign reading "Blind Bay Cemetery" is on the gate. There is a variety of markers featuring slate, marble, concrete and metal. There are also two memorial benches, one in memory of Charles A. Matthews and the other in memory of Fred R. Wynn.

Inside, Eagle Bay Cemetery

Driving Directions

To reach the Blind Bay Cemetery turn north on Balmoral Road, located at the junction of 3107 Trans-Canada Highway.

Travel approximately 3.0 and turn west (left) on Blind Bay Road.

Follow this road for 3.4 km. The cemetery is on the south side of the road.

From Sorrento

From Sorrento turn north on Blind Bay Road and follow for 5.6 km before reaching the cemetery.

Arieal View of Eagle Bay Cemetery


The interments for the Blind Bay Cemetery can be viewed as a pdf file here » interments.pdf

Additional sources of information:

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Last updated October 2011