Emily's Mountain Burial Site

The following is a transcription of the burial site on Emily's Mountain located off Commonage Road in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.


  • Latitude: 50o 13' 10.14" N.
  • Longitude: 119o 19' 16.12" W.

Historical Background

Emily Cox was born to Doctor (first name, not a title) Hugh and Mary Cox around 1886. Emily, her parents and siblings emigrated from the United States to Canada in 1891. The family arrived in Vernon in the early part of the 20th century during which Doctor Cox bought a hotel.

On June 15, 1910 Emily married George Anderson in Vernon. George was the son of area pioneer Peter Anderson. The couple first lived in a small home on the Commonage but later moved to the Anderson Ranch in the north end of Vernon.

Emily was an excellent horsewoman and enjoyed riding through the Commonage. Upon her death, her sons decided to bury her ashes in a place where she often rode to view the valley.

Ron Anderson, a great-grandson of Emily and George, passed away at the age of 18. The family buried his ashes near his great-grandmother.

Ann Richards was the daughter of area pioneer Reuben Swift and his wife, Mary Baron. Rueben's first wife Armina was the daughter of Vincent Duteau of Lavington. Reuben was the builder and owner of one of the early hotels, the Royal Hotel, one of Vernon's early hotels, which later became the National Hotel

The Swift family also at one time owned and lived in the Vernon Hotel that was built by Peter Anderson.

Ann hiked the hills surrounding Vernon all her life. As an adult she became a Cub Scout leader and passed her love of nature and the hills in the Vernon district to any boy who was lucky enough to be in her cub pack.

Her husband Robert was also a leader in the Scouting movement in Vernon. He took children on many hikes to enjoy the sights and the sounds of the birds surrounding Vernon.

When Ann died her son buried her ashes along with his father's on Emily's Mountain beneath the wild flowers that Ann loved.


These four individuals have memorial plaques near the hill top known as “Emily’s Mountain”.

Driving Directions

Starting at the intersection of 32nd Street and 25th Avenue in Vernon, proceed west on 25th Avenue, turning south (left) on 34th Street.

Follow 34th Street (which turns into Mission Road and then into Commonage Road).

Approximately half way between Bench Road and Rose’s Pond, the road will follow a rise; near the top is a pump station on the left hand side of the road.

At this point, park off the road and walk through the fence/gate on the left hand side and follow the road to the top of the mountain.

Arieal View of Emily's Mountain Cemetery


The interments for the Emily's Mountain Cemetery can be viewed as a pdf file here » interments.pdf

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Last updated September 2011