Irish Massacre in Scullabogue in 1798 by Allan Hooper

  • My Great Great Grandmother is Maria Jane Dobbyn Hooper (1852-1914).
  • Her father is William Dobbyn (1824-1917)
  • William Dobbyn's father is Richard Dobbyn (1794-1882)
  • Richard Dobbyn’s father is James Dobbyn (1767-1798)
  • James Dobbyn’s father is Patrick Dobbyn who died tragically along with three of his sons in 1798.

To his excellency Charles Marquis Cornwallis, Lord Lieutenant, Gen. & Gen. Governor of Ireland. The memorial of Elizabeth Dobbyn of St. Mary’s Parish New Ross in the county of Wexford. “Widow humbly sheweth that your memorialist is the widow of the late Patrick Dobbyn of the Parish of Adamstown, Farmer, a protestant and a loyal subject who because of his religion was on the 5 th day of June, 1798, inhumanely burned in the barn of Scullabogue by the rebels, with his three sons, William 24 (1774-1798), Richard 22, (1776-1798) and Samuel 20 (1778-1798). also two second cousins (named Dobbyn) who were first cousins to the Memorialist, one first cousin to her husband the late Patrick Dobbyn piked (speared) on the road, three first cousins to Memorialist piked on the Wexford Bridge, named Burrell and two killed at Enniscorthy (one named Copeland other Tuyman), all murdered by the Rebels because they were Protestants and loyal subjects to his majesty.